At ELSKER LIVET everything revolves around the essence of the couple, their love, who they are and what makes them happiest. Around this core ELSKER LIVET designs  and organises the perfect celebration of love, that is both grand and authentic. As a boutique weddingplanner ELSKER LIVET guarantees  stylish customization, exclusivity and personal attention. The organization of a wedding is all about energy and quality, building a complete experience for the couple and their guests.


ELSKER LIVET means love life. ELSKER LIVET celebrates life and love.
Big and exuberant, but also intimate and tender.
ELSKER LIVET draws out what exists naturally to create an experience
so pure, that it can connect and move you, make you laugh and jump for joy.

ELSKER LIVET. Love life.


ELSKER LIVET creates and relieves. If you want a wedding that fits seamlessly with who you are. If you want a wedding with great impact and unique elements. If you want relaxed organization where you can be involved in all the fun parts, and leave  the rest in safe hands. If you want a wedding where everything comes together perfectly, and is truly a reflection of your life and love. If you want to get the most out of your wedding, for yourselves and your guests. ELSKER LIVET is here to perform the task professionally and with passion.

I'm Margreet Spriensma, boutique weddingplanner. To achieve an authentic overall concept for your wedding, I work in three phases:

The concept and design phase. Together we will create your vision for your perfect wedding. We will select all the wonderful and individual things that will fit perfectly with your dream day. At this stage I can provide you with an estimate to help you with your budget.

The preparation and organization phase. I will build a list of the most suitable venues and suppliers for you, review quotes and negotiate on your behalf. I will draw up plans and schedules. I will write risk assessments and contingency plans. I will co-ordinate and assist with suppliers.

The master of ceremonies and stage direction phase. I will be your host, and the contact person for your guests and suppliers. I will do all final checks and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as intended.

 ELSKER LIVET is located in Utrecht and operates throughout in the Netherlands. With a refined sense of taste, let me create the palette for you to paint your perfect wedding. I will select suppliers and venues who understand how to strengthen and enhance the unique concept of your wedding.

The investment that you make in ELSKER LIVET as your boutique weddingplanner depends on your specific needs. I work with a fixed hourly rate and can provide an appropriate quote following our initial consultation.



ELSKER LIVET would like to meet you.

Each consultation will leave you full of energy, ideas and original plans. This non-binding conversation could be the start of a beautiful partnership. Interested in finding out what I, as your boutique weddingplanner, can do for you? Please get in touch.


Phone number: +316 520 727 79

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